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Their simple purpose is to provide you health care to get you better! 

How?? Getting pressure off your nerves so that your own body can go back to healing itself. It is naturally designed to; it wants to, it tries to yet sometimes there is interference in its ability to heal, resulting in a lack of health, pain or dysfunction. As they release pressure off your nerves, health and function tend to return as well as a decrease in pain. 

The team at Back in Balance take the time to properly evaluate your condition to find the underlying cause. They can explain why you are experiencing problems and how they can be corrected. 

Give them a try. Try living with less pressure on your nerves and see how much better you can function and how much better you feel. 

Get adjusted, get balanced, get better. 

 They provide bulk billing for auto accidents, veteran's affairs and workers' compensation fees. X-Rays are covered by Medicare. They accept Enhanced Primary Care referrals from your GP, which are covered by Medicare for up to 5 visits.

They offer a FREE 10 minute talk with you on a consutation basis to allow you to ask questions, discuss your options and get to know your individual needs. 

Call Back in Balance today on 6244 2444 to Get Better