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Hobart Pet Centre

HOBART pet centre is centrally located in Liverpool Street, with easy access from the centrepoint car park.

We are an independently, locally owned store and the owner actually works in the store.

Because of this we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

Unlike bigger chain stores, we deal with both large suppliers and small boutique suppliers, offering you a wide range of accessories. Where possible, we will try to source products for you.

We stock products that are a bit quirky, such as pet strollers, booster seats for cars, lift harnesses to assist older dogs, and toilet seat litter training for cats.

We have a large selection of training aids,, such as long recall leashes, martingale collars, various types of muzzles, clickers, whistles and no bark collars. We also stock leads for the show ring.

Cat fanciers will find a great range of cat toys, collars and automated drink and feed bowls, as well as pet carriers, beds and play tunnels.

For the bird enthusiasts, we stock cages suitable for finches, up to cockatoos. Again, we pride ourselves on stocking things a little bit different. You will find sleeping huts, bird harnesses, poop suits and foot toys to name a few.

Small animals are well catered for, with both indoor and outdoor cages, food, bedding and an array of different treats and toys to keep them occupied.

One of our specialist areas are all thing “fishy”. We have an in store expert, whose knowledge is phenomenal. Whether it's as simple as keeping a goldfish to expert care in

Saltwater aquariums, or aquascaping a tropical tank, we can provide you with all the information and products you need.

We stock only premium dog and cat foods including Advance, Hills and Blackhawk.

Loyalty cards are also available for frequent buyers.

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