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We're on the search for Southern Tasmania’s favourite primary school teacher and we need your help to find them!

Apple for the Teacher is back and nominations start on Monday July 23!

Do you know a teacher that goes that extra mile for everyone? Southern Tasmania’s best teacher is out there somewhere, shaping Tasmania’s future...and we want to know who they are.

We're rewarding the winning teacher with an Apple Macbook Air for themselves, and an iPad for each of their students!

7HOFM’s Apple for the Teacher...nominations start next week on 101.7 7hofm!

Terms and Conditions
1. Entry is open to Primary Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6) to Southern Tasmanian Schools only.
2. The winning teacher receives a series one Apple Watch for themselves, iPad Wi-Fi for each of their students (class maximum of 30), and an Apple Macbook Air for the school.
3. For registrations to be valid, a teacher’s first and last name and the name of the school must be entered.
4. You may vote as many times as you like.
5. Use of any automated system to submit votes is prohibited and will result automatically in the voiding of all votes made by such participant.
6. Nomination period is from Monday July 31st (7am) to Thursday August 10th (5pm) 2017.
7. Voting period is from Monday August 14th (7am) to Thursday August 31st (5pm) but we reserve the right to change dates and times if necessary.
8. Winner announced Friday September 1st followed by a visit to the winning Primary School and classroom to present prizes and for photo opportunities.