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101.7 7HOFM is on the hunt for Southern Tasmania's favourite Primary School teacher - the teacher that goes an extra mile for their students!

And now it's time to vote!

Voting closes on Thursday 29th of August at 5pm.

The winning teacher and school will be announced on Friday 30th August. The teacher with the most votes receives a Apple Macbook Air, and each of their students receives an iPad!

Vote for your favourite teacher below.

7HOFM’s Apple for the Teacher thanks to Cripps and Harvey Norman Computers.

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 Vote for your teacher:

Terms and Conditions
1. Entry is open to Primary Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6) of Southern Tasmanian Schools only in the 7HOFM service area (see pdf map).
2. The winning teacher receives an Apple MacBook Air and an iPad for each of their students (class maximum of 30).
3. For registrations to be valid, a teacher’s first and last name and the name of the school must be entered.
4. You may vote as many times as you like.
5. Use of any automated system to submit votes is prohibited and will result automatically in the disqualification of all votes made by such participant.
6. Nomination period is from Monday July 22nd (8:30am) to Thursday August 1st (5pm) 2019.
7. Voting period is from Monday August 5th (8:30am) to Thursday August 29th (5pm) we reserve the right to change dates and times if necessary.
8. Winner announced Friday August 30th followed by a visit to the winning Primary School and classroom to present prizes and for photo opportunities.