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The original 7HOFM Breakfast Show, Cooke & Moore are back!

 Cook and Moore

They were an institution on Hobart radio for over 20 years with one of the most enduring on-air partnerships in the broadcasting industry. But in 2003 the contracts of 7HOFM’s Cooke and Moore were not renewed and with it the end of an era.

Richard Moore stayed on to head-up the station's new breakfast show with Tori Hodgman,

while Bob Cooke retired to make furniture and craft with his wife.

In the same year, Richard called it quits after 23 years on breakfast radio with his sights firmly set on catching up on more than two decades of sleep.

In 2017 Bob has retired once again while Richard has maintained his connection to radio working weekends at his beloved 7HO.

But before the duo teamed up on radio, Cooke and Moore hosted their own breakfast television show and it’s the 40th anniversary of that which has the duo back together and in the public eye.

Mick and Maria caught up with Cooke and Moore to talk about their show and the good ol' days on breakfast radio!