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Thursday mornings, local fishing enthusiast Mozza joins Mick & Maria for his unique take on all things piscatorial with Mozza's Hot Bites. What's biting and where, plus the latest gadgets for reeling in a big one! Thursdays after 8am with Mick & Maria thank to The Fishermans Shed.

It's time to catch yourself some mighty TUNA!

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Genesis Meir-Anderson and his PB ALbacore

- Plenty of Bluefin from Waterfall bay down to Tasman Island, hot spots being Hyppolite, Lanterns and the Pillar. There is the odd barrel in amongst them too with Stu Nichols getting 2 last week above 100kg.

- Blue and silver skirted pushers from 4-8 inches working the best, and Halco Pilchard in 2-4m diver also a popular lure with the SBT’s - make sure you adhere to your catch limits of 4 per boat and only 2 if BIG ONES !

- SGC held their annual “Far South Comp” last weekend and with the weather a bit nasty the field were restricted to a shortened map meaning there was no ‘Pedra” Team BIG RIG Justin, Dan and Simon, won the comp with a 16.4kg Bluefin on 4kg line, cracking effort.

- ALBACORE still getting around, mainly around the Hippolyte rock and the Lanterns, Gen Meir ANDERSON GETTING HIS pb Alby at about 23kg last friday at the Lanterns. (see pic)

- SWORDFISH - Very slow on the but with some good weather coming there will be some caught.

- SCALLOP divers, 9-12m of water off Coles Bay B UT divers, be cautious, 4-5 m White pointer buzzed some mates while they were squid fishing off the Saltworks (before Swansea) last Friday.

- FLATHEAD – starting to get a bit patchy, Variety Bay (gummy bi-catch) and Marion Bay- one angler reported he spent an hour and a half hunting flathead in NW bay and hauled them in hand-over-fist, although from around 40 boated, only 7 were legal keepers.

- CALAMARI - good size UNITS around NW bay and Dennes point, TRY THE 2.5 yamashitas in darker colours.

- TAYLOR – Huon River is chockers with them remember to use a wire trace to save your gear from their teeth and the couta factor.

- BREAM – Derwent is really going mad, they are everywhere apparently Hard body lures in AYU color. (black back, gold sides and red head)

- LAKE PEDDER producing some really good Trout.

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Justin Rigby and his 16.4 Bluefin on 4kg line from Whale Head

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The 4-5m great white shark spotted at Litle Swanport last friday