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Thursday mornings, local fishing enthusiast Mozza joins Mick & Maria for his unique take on all things piscatorial with Mozza's Hot Bites. What's biting and where, plus the latest gadgets for reeling in a big one! Thursdays after 8am with Mick & Maria thank to The Fishermans Shed.

Mozza joined with Mitch from Speak Up Stay ChatTY

Mitch and his team from Speak Up Stay ChatTY organise community events and fundraisers, presentations to groups, workplaces, sporting clubs and schools to help promote the SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY deliver key messages on where to find help if it’s needed, listening to those who need it, and how we can all help each other out in tough times. He has presented over 300 times throughout Australia.

The team work hard to spread the message throughout the country that it’s OK to talk about how you really are, and that seeking help for mental health issues needs to be viewed the same as seeking help for physical health issues.


Young Gus Lamprill (Aka Kenny the Rig King) and his Dad, Matthew, were out on Dart Bankabout 5km west of Shipsterns Bluff in Storm Bay, trolling lures for Tuna, after one strike and no luck they decided to do some bottom bashing in the hope for a Striped Trumpeter.
In about 70m, south-east of the Bank they caught a Nannygai, which is fairly rare for Tasmania and the furthest south I have ever heard of one being caught.

Nannygai are a sought after table fish that are relatively easy to catch as they swim in large schools. Nannygai also makes a great bait for larger fish such as Yellowfin Tuna, they are predominantly reef fish that occupy offshore rocky reefs adjacent to deep water. They often congregate near the edges of reefs that are washed by the current.
Hint! The best times to fish for Nannygai are at tide changes, especially at dawn and dusk.
Well done Kenny!

The East coast is the place to go for a feed of Flathead at the moment, Nick Parkinson reports he got 45 good size Flathead (biggest at 460mm) between Rheban and Lachlan Island in 5-6m of water. Best bait was the Berkley Pumpkinseed soft plastics available from Fishermans Shed in Kingston.

Corbs, Wizza and Rowey also had a good session in Mercury Passage picking up plenty of 40cm+ Hooded Calamari and a good feed of Scallops, Corbs reports the Scallops were in 8-10m of water and they were slightly buried in the sand so look out for little humps in the sand and you will be getting a bag in no time.

Striped Trumpeter are back on the chew with good reports coming from East of the Hippolyte Rcok in 220m, 13mile patch South of Tasman Island, The friars and Pedra Branca. Remember Fresh bait works best for them and a HOT TIP a dude was telling the other day he fishes with Live Mackerel (on an electric) and get the biggest ones on them.
Bluefin and Albacore are still going nuts around Tasman Peninsula and Pedra, and reports this week of them showing up at St Helens and Bicheno and 1 report from as far away as Strahan.

Red and Silver/white skirted 6-8inch pusher style lures and Halco 190 2-4m Hard body lures working the best. Although don’t be scared to pull up on a bait school and drop in a Sabiki rig and see what bait they are feeding on and match your lure to them “match the hatch” as they say !
This weekend in the annual “Trout Weekend” at Liawenee.

You can see hundreds of Brown Trout on their annual spawning migration! Saturday and Sunday 10am – 3pm
Kids can try their luck at the Junior angler’s pond and maybe catch a Trout for dinner.
Pick up some tips and ideas at the Trout Cooking Demo
Learn about fisheries management
Alcohol, smoke and dog free event (and no it does not mean they are giving away alcohol, smokes and dogs, OK !!!)



Harry Murfett from Devonport getting into the Tasman Island Albacore


Brody Corbett and trent Clifford’s bag of Striped Trumpeter from the Friars, South East Bruny Island and a big Latchet !