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Thursday mornings, local fishing enthusiast Mozza joins Mick & Maria for his unique take on all things piscatorial with Mozza's Hot Bites. What's biting and where, plus the latest gadgets for reeling in a big one! Thursdays after 8am with Mick & Maria thank to The Fishermans Shed.

Mozza - Great White Sharks spotted on East Coast

Mozza joined Mick and Maria in the studio again this week for another round of his Hot Bites.

He gave us some facts and information on Great White sharks this week after some surfers were circled by an estimated 4m Great White! This is the second time in a month that they have been spoted there.


The territoriality theory has been disputed for many, many years. There is evidence to suggest that Great Whites are territorial, since there have been several cases of a single Great White staking a claim around an area with ample prey. A few years ago, a Great White shark staked an area off the Australian coastline. Several swimmers were attacked and killed by presumably the same shark. The attacks did not stop until, mysteriously, a lone Orca(killer whale) showed up, killed the Great White, and swam away.

Great white sharks are carnivores. Their diet consists of small-toothed whales, sea lions, seals, sea turtles and carrion (dead animals), according to National Geographic. And their only real predator is the killer whale.

Great white sharks can detect one drop of blood in 25 gallons (100 liters) or water and they can sense even a little blood up to 3 miles (5 km) away, according to National Geographic,

Quick swimmers: They can swim at speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km/h)

Sharks have a tongue made of cartilage called a basihyal; they use it to sample prey, to see if it is a good idea to eat it or not.

300617 4

Lucifer or Brier Shark caught by Aaron Synott at 700m of water of the Tasman Peninsula

300617 2

Bailey Cousins with some quality Southern Bluefin Tuna from Eaglehawk Neck

300617 1

Jonah Yick with a cracking Gem Fish (check out the teeth!!)

Have a listen to this weeks chat with Mozza: