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Thursday mornings, local fishing enthusiast Mozza joins Mick & Maria for his unique take on all things piscatorial with Mozza's Hot Bites. What's biting and where, plus the latest gadgets for reeling in a big one! Thursdays after 8am with Mick & Maria thank to The Fishermans Shed.

Mozza lost his organs while on holiday in Fiji?!!!

Mozza is back in the studio today after heading off to Fiji for a couple of weeks!

Mozz got caught out by some scammers though, if you're ever thinking of heading to Fiji for a trip, take note of what Mozz has to say... he nearly lost his organs! :O

Onto the FISHING though:

Lack of rain has meant the Sea Run Trout have been firing in the lower Derwent.

Hot spots are at Bowen Bridge shore, Stores Point and Lindisfarne Bay.

Don’t forget the Boundary between Dowsing’s point and Store point, (see attached image) you will need a license to fish above that and not allowed to fish at all above Bridgewater bridge until eagerly anticipated opening of the trout season coming up on the 5th August
Andrew And Alex from Spot on the fishing connection Hobart recently returned from a new product release from “Patagonia outdoor clothing and gear” featuring the famous “SIMMS” brand, so drop in and have a chat with them on the latest gear to keep you warm and dry for the opening of the 2017-18 season.

.Flounder, Northwest bay, Norfolk bay and Lewisham, Spot on Staff tips – rug up , pick a calm night and make sure your battery doesn’t flatten.

.Squid – Leo miller and his Young fella, Lockie got into a feed of Squid at Port Arthur, they were (often are this time of year) a little deeper than normal. One brown and one pink jig but that was irrelevant; they would have eaten anything. Got 14 in quick time; best 32cm hood. HOT TIP - try a Yamashita Warm Jacket jig these are taking the market nearby at the moment.

.Land based/jetty hotspots? Pirates Bay always worth a shot, Margate Jetty and Woodbridge ( Add a little burley to the water at this time of the year as fishing can be a bit slow and the fish may need encouraging.

.Tuna Are still Present at EHN – although weekend captures were a little quiet due the strong NW and N wind – the scuddy W weather this week should bring them back on a bit.
270717 1
Lachie Miller with a nice Port Arthur Bay Winter Cal.
270717 2
These are the new fishing boundaries in the River Derwent.

Have a listen to our chat with Mozza this week: