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Thursday mornings, local fishing enthusiast Mozza joins Mick & Maria for his unique take on all things piscatorial with Mozza's Hot Bites. What's biting and where, plus the latest gadgets for reeling in a big one! Thursdays after 8am with Mick & Maria thank to The Fishermans Shed.

Mozza's Hot Bites - 3rd August

Mozza was back in the studio with Mick & Maria this-morning, talking all things fishing. What's biting, and where to find them.

. Striped Trumpeter: Jared Flakemore did a trip down to Pedra Branca Tuesday hunting arguably Tassies #1 table fish delicacies “Striped Trumpeter” and got their bag and home by 3pm, using squid for bait in 80m of water.
Jared's hot tip is “When the fish are slow you should never give up on them, we did started off slow but found them by moving.“

. Corbs and Craig went south of the friars for a feed of Donalds, found they a bit tentative on the initial bite and but persisted and got a feed, they were using squid or whole mini mackerel for bait, they also got a nice Gummy and a huge School shark which they released. Corbs “hot tip” is “Full moon they’ll be back biting hard. Mid moons always a bit of hard work”

. Stripey trumpeter Season ends 1st September and re-opens 31 October so they can spawn.

. Trent Clifford had an interesting catch during he week, they used to be fairly common when you were allowed to set a net overnight, the ol’ Saw Shark's are an order of sharks bearing long, blade-like snouts edged with teeth, which they use to slash and disable their prey.

. The Derwent is still fishing well for Searun Trout and Bream, any white bait pattern soft plastic or hard body seems to be doing the job at the moment.

. Spot on have a range of the latest released ‘Berkley Eel soft plastics” which are going to be deadly on the Searun trout, make sure you pop in and check them out before they are sold out.

. Heap of bream stacked up in browns river at the moment too, people have been fishing best with turtle back worms in camo.

. Tuna at the Hippolyte Rock. Andrew Large found them under a bunch of Birds on the feed in flat calm conditions, his ever faithful Zacatak 9mm skirted lures did the job, he swears by them for any Bluefin up to 25kg, check the pic on the 7HO web page or drop in and have a yarn with the crew at spot on as they stock them.

. Flathead – Brooke Legosz got into some nice flathead in Norfolk bay on the weekend and some decent Calamari as well, also saw Adam Harwood got a good haul of flathead out of Marion Bay.

. On the East Coast, the Swan River is firing for the Bream fishers, Vibes seem to be doing the best up there at the moment, and Bluefin at Merricks Reef off St Helens, Michael Haley pulled some good specimens off there during the week. And Calamari on the bite around great Oyster Bay.

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