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Sarah, Mick & Matt Podcast 10th October 2018

Mental Health Day

On today's show, Sarah Mick & Matt speak to three brave men telling their stories of dealing with Mental Health Issues.

Ben Brooksby - Ben is stripping down to raise awareness of mental health issues in farming communities. The twenty-five-year-old country boy founded the Naked Farmer, a social media movement that has seen thousands of farmers strip naked and share their photos online to help start a conversation around mental health. As Ben says, it takes as much guts to take your clothes off for a photo as it takes to talk about mental health issues.

Dan Price - Dan is a leading voice on mental health – both here and abroad. Four years ago, Dan tried to take his own life. He was dangling by his fingers from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but a police officer managed to help him from the ledge. It turned out that the police officer himself was dealing with mental health issues, and after the incident Dan actually became his support and helped him through it. Dan and his wife recently became proud parents to their first child, and life is very different to how it was four years ago.

Jeremy Forbes - After a fellow tradie in Jeremy’s community took his own life, Jeremy started HALT to try and prevent such a tragedy from happening again. He works with tradies (as well as their friends and families) to help these traditionally strong, silent blokes talk about mental health and open up about their problems.

Take a listen: