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About Sarah
Sarah is a born and bred Hobartian. Born at Calvary and growing up with her family in Kingston, Tassie is her home and she couldn’t be more proud.

Performing has been Sarah’s passion from an early age and runs in the family. Sarah spent many years training at Jeninas Dance Workshop and Performing in Melbourne.

Sarah loves to entertain, create and perform, You would have seen her on stage in some major ExitLeft shows including Cats and Les Mis at the DEC. Most recently The Bawdy Panto and Croon at the Theatre Royal.

Sarah’s passion lies with the radio industry and whilst she has only worked in this industry for 2 years, it is where her commitment and dedication lies. Sarah started out as a Street Team member and quickly moved into a full time role and became a part of the 7HOFM Family.

About Mick Newell

Mick is a simple man with even simpler tastes.

Boats, his grandson Noah, and food are his passions. From diving for abalone to talking baloney, Mick has gone from the boat, to the kitchen on My Kitchen Rules, to Breakfast on 7HOFM.

Passionate about Tassie, Hobart, and the Huon, Mick knows just about everyone, and has a story to go with it.

About Matty Newell

Matty Newell IS Hobart. Just ask the tens of thousands of Tasmanians who watched him rise to fame on My Kitchen Rules. A run on national TV that was so popular, he was brought back to the show after elimination!

Matty is a Tassie country boy at heart, having spent his younger years cherry picking, exploring the bush and raising cows.

He has a passion for music, fitness, food and snowboarding (when he can actually get to the mountain).

Matt is a valued ambassador for his city and prides himself on his involvement in Hobart major events.

Please contact the station for any emcee enquiries.