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Connecting Tasmanians with expert plumbing services they can depend on SINCE 1982

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Chosen and trusted since 1982. Thousands of Tasmanians repeatedly choose Howrah Plumbing every time as their honest and reliable partner for all things plumbing, wastewater, roofing, and more. This isn’t taken lightly, and at Howrah Plumbing, we know that QUALITY IS NO ACCIDENT… you need to be focused and invested in providing the best service possible.

We continually invest in technology, equipment, and training to ensure our customers are provided with a best practice solution. Our 50+ staff attend regular training, and we are always adding to our existing expertise/services. For instance, we recently welcomed “Valerie” (our HYDRO VACUUM TRUCK) and NUFLOW HOBART PIPE RELINING SOLUTIONS to our fleet of capability.

New or existing, emergency or maintenance, household or corporate, metro or regional, no matter… HOWRAH PLUMBING is skilled, resourced, and is the proven choice to provide lasting, trouble-free plumbing services.