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Unboxing the PS5 vs Xbox Series x


It’s a rare feeling to be unboxing two major console releases within a couple of days of each other and I’ve gotta say I was super impressed with the design of the xbox series x and what Sony are offering with the PS5, especially the new DualSense Controller.

SONY PlayStation 5

The box is classic Sony, light, bright and big, I guess it has to be big because from reports the console is so big people are using it as a coffee table.

The real hero of this generation's Console is the controller, it feels “next generation” and it makes sense that this is where the thought and power was focused as this is the device you actually spend all your time with. The console should be powerful, but the controller should be fun and that's what they have achieved here with a beautiful design and great advancements in tech.

The console is not nearly as big as I was imagining, I mean it's big, but doesnt FEEL bigger than previous models.

It is an odd sloping shape though, I wonder if that was on purpose to stop people resting other items on it? Still it's beautiful and what you want in a next generation device.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X

This console they are saying is four times faster than the Xbox One X, and has very minimal load times.

I was worried that the unboxing experience might be tainted for me, I’ve already watch a few people online unboxing early access versions of the console and I’m always a bit concerned that by watching them open the thing I really want, I might not get that same “present” buzz you get.

Rest assured, the buzz remains..

The console is heavier than I expected and the controller has a really nice and unexpected texture to it, I had to get my old xbox controller straight away to compare. Yeah, the new one feels nice.


Both companies are offering powerful systems that are designed beautifully, the xbox is more compact but Sony's controller could be the best design in years.

There's no doubt that the design of each console is going to be torn between the advocates of the two camps but no matter which one is your prefference remember that it's an exciting time to be gamer and choice is always a good thing.

Right, time to install Watch Dogs Legion on the Xbox and Spiderman Miles Morales on the PS5 and get back to the gaming.