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Every Workplace Has These 5 Employees

So you've taken a bit of time out of your busy workday to click on this article and read. It's our hope that by the end, you would be able to assign a different role to multiple people in your workspace.

Let's begin...

First, let's look up from your desk and do a quick scan of the room. Who do you see?

We think every workplace has at least 1 of these types of people.

It's important to note that some of the roles are filled by more than one person and in some rare cases people can hog more than one role. Especially if it's a smaller office environment. 

But let's take a really close look and see who in your workplace is one of these 5 people.


1) The Late One

You know this person with all the excuses in the world. "I was nearly here and realised I'd forgotten my..",

"You wouldn't believe it my alarm didn't go off", "We didn't have hot water so I had to go to my friend's house on the opposite side of town".

There are a thousand excuses and this person has used them all twice. In fact, it's common for the experienced tardy employee to just quietly walk in and sit down as if nothing has happened


2) The Coffee Addict One

This proud member of the team is rarely seen without a mug in hand fresh from the office kitchen with some form of either instant coffee or even out of a machine or pot. That's the beauty of it, they are not super fussy about where they get the coffee just that they need it, they need more and they need it now.

Look out for this one at the end of the day when they start to crash from too much caffeine consumption.


3) The Chatterbox

We would tell you about the chatterbox, but we just can't get a word in. You are best to just go ask them yourself after all there's no denying you know who this one is. They are also a great resource for office gossip.


4) The Sleepy One

This classic workplace character is the polar opposite to the coffee addict, they had a cup, it just didn't do anything. Look for the employee who has recently become a parent. They said goodbye to sleep and now are just getting by each day on a red frog and occasional nap under the desk.


5) The One with the Snacks

Follow the crumbs to the employee with the desk drawer full of that "snackalicious" goodness. It could be chocolates, protein bars or even a packet of chips. If you can shush the office for just a moment, you can track them back to their workplace habitat by the rustling sound of a packet being rummaged through for the last scraps of glorious food. Note: look for the desk that is positioned closest to the snack vending machine.


Now that you have your entire workplace pegged send them this article, after all, it's their turn to discover which one YOU are. 


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