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Real Life "Geppetto" Swallowed By Whale

A man in Cape Cod must have thought he was living out a real-life version of Pinocchio where he was Geppetto trapped inside the Whale.

Michael Packard is a lobster diver who ended up inside the mouth of a humpback whale!

“All of a sudden, I just felt this huge bump and everything went dark and I could sense that I was moving,” he said.

Micheal's first thought "Omg did I just get bit by a shark", but he then felt around and realised there were no sharp teeth he didn't feel badly wounded so he must be in a whales mouth.

Understandably he thought at that moment he was going to die. The whale then breached the surface of the water and shook his head sending Michael flying free landing in the water. 

It's an amazing story of survival and although the tale seems unbelievable, humans being accidentally swallowed by whales might be a rare occurrence but it certainly has happened.

One thing is for sure whales don't set out to eat people and would rather a meal of small aquatic lifeforms like fish, squid and krill. No wonder it spat him out.