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Bees Can Talk and They Sound Like "Minions"

Do you remember taking two cans and a string to make a telephone to talk to your friend through.

The classic "two cans and a string" technique works based on making sure the string is tight between the two cups. This normally means that the distance is fairly limited and the two people have to be connected to each other by a straight line.

When one person talks into their can, the bottom of the can vibrates with the sound waves. The vibrations then travel along the string to the other can vibrating and producing sound waves. The second person can hear the sound waves and can therefore hear what the first person says.

Well, one TikToker has taken it a step further and used a similar device to talk to bees. Yes, the honey-producing stingers actually talk and they kind of sound like the Minions from "Despicable Me"


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♬ original sound - YourBeeGuy

Now, all we have to do is learn the language. What do you think they are saying?

We need to get this guy on board to translate.