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UK football legend filmed chewing his daughter's toe nails


Former Manchester United player, Paul Scholes, has gone viral after his daughter posted a weird video of him biting her toe nails.

In a bizarre and kind of disturbing video, the now coach and co-owner of Salford City can be seen nibbling on his daughter's toe nails.ย 

Captioned, 'true love' it's not clear what the purpose of the clip was but naturally, people have a lot to say about it online.

This whole festy foot saga has revealed the *interesting* relationship Paul has with his 20-year-old daughter, Alicia.

While many people find the whole thing a bit odd, others have run to Scholes' defense.ย  One user said, "please tell me these comments aren't real".

Another Tweeter posted, "It's his daughter, his baby. He loves her and he supports her. Stop sexualizing a woman so much that she cannot have a stupid moment with her dad. Let us men be better dads."

Paul Scholes has since posted to his Instagram story commenting on the incident.

Responding to a message from a stranger that read 'drop dead', the footballer wrote,ย "this is one of the nicer comments I've had this weekend.... I've had better ones."

The bad weekend he's referring too might also have something to do with Manchester United's 5-0 loss to Liverpool.

Images (paulscholesaaa / Instagram)