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Try this quick psychology exercise that will blow your mind


This 60 second psychology test will teach you a lot about your sub-conscious self!

STEM Graduate, Isabella Avila (aka @onlyjayus), posted a personality test to her TikTok encouraging viewers to get involved.

Known for her mind blowing life hacks and psych tips, Isabella has over 16.2million followers on TikTok.

'Okay guys, I have a psychology test for you that's going to unlock a whole lot about your sub-conscious self that you don't even know about yet,' she says.

'When you answer, just go with your gut and don't overthink it. Okay?'.

Isabella then dives in to a series of simple hypothetical questions.

Feel free to play along with the video and pause in between each question, or check out the list of questions below.




'Imagine you're walking through the woods with somebody else, whose that person?'

'As you guys are walking through the woods, you hear rustling coming from a bush and an animal pops out,' she continues. 'What kind of animal is it and what do you do?'.

'You guys keep walking and you stumble upon a house. How big is the house and do you see a fence?'.

'You guys decide to go inside the house and you find a cup and a table.'

'Okay, so you leave the house and you find a body of water. How big is it and how do you get across?'


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So, did you play along? If so, here's what your answers mean!



Who is the person in the woods with you? Whoever you picked is the most important person in your life right now.

What animal jumps out and what do you do? The size of the animal is the size of your stress, and what you did is how you usually react to stress.

What does the house look like? The size of the house is the size of your ambition.

Is there a fence around the house? If you saw a fence, you're a closed minded person. If there was no fence, you're an open minded person.

What sort of cup is on the table? The durability of the cup is how strong you feel the relationship is with the person you're walking through the woods with.

What else is on the table? The more stuff you saw on the table, the happier you are.

How big is the body of water and how do you get across? The size of the water is the size of your sexual desire. If you swam through the water, you embrace and pursue your desires. If you walked around the water, you're less inclined to take action on these desires.



Hopefully this little exercise taught you a few things about yourself! Let us know in the comments, what did you learn?


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