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Nawww! This kitten with four ears is too cute to handle!

A kitten born with four ears has gone viral after finally finding its furever home.

Midas, a cute grey kitty cat, is quickly becoming an internet sensation, accummulating over 47k followers in just four weeks.

The Russian Blue is not only adorable (obviously) but actually has two sets of ears, with two baby ears nestled inside her regular ears.

Midas' extra set of hearing devices are due to a genetic defect, but cause the kitty no harm.

The four month old kitten was recently adopted in Turkey, and now shares a home with two gentle Labradors, 14-year-old Suzy and 12-year-old Zeynep.

On her dedicated Instagram account, Midas is clearly infactuated with the two pooches, and can be seen snuggling, napping, massaging and playing with them. 

Speaking to MailOnline, owner Canis Dosemeci described Midas as a 'very playful cat.'

She's also 'very friendly as well. She sleeps all day and is awake all night. She loves to sleep on my chest or shoulder.'

'She loves to play with yarns, (we have loads of them because of my business), she steals them and hides them somewhere we could never find.' 


Image: midas_x24 / Instagram