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How to track Santa on Christmas Eve as he delivers presents

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This December, one person and their entourage is allowed to travel the world without any restrictions - and we're very happy for that!

That person is, of course, Santa Claus and his faithful crew of reindeer.

But did you know that every Christmas since 1955 we’ve been able to track Santa’s progress around the world as he delivers his presents to everyone?

The NORAD Santa Tracker follows Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, allowing kids and adults to see what he’s up to at every minute of his journey.

It's a bit of magical fun, and we need plenty of that right now.

NORAD is the military organisation that tracks everything that flies in and around Canada and the United States, but on December 24 it also has the special mission of tracking Santa as he flies across the world.

And how do they do it? Well the NORAD satellites have special sensors that can see the heat that comes off Rudolph’s shiny, red nose! Very clever!

Here's how to track Santa

Head to the NORAD Santa Tracker website, which is live now with a heap of fun Christmas activities for the kids. The Santa tracker will go live at 4am on Christmas Eve so you can track Santa as he packs his sleigh and sets off for his round-the-world delivery misison.

You can also download the NORAD Tracks Santa from the App store and Google Play

Main image: En min Shen/,NORAD Santa Tracker website