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Star makes $50K in one week selling jars of her farts


Reality star sells her bum burps & getting rich never smelt so bad.

Stephanie Matto, a reality star who earnt her fame on the American series 90 Day Fiance, has taken to the socials to reveal an absurd way she makes money.

Posting multiple videos about her lucrative endeavour to her TikTok and Instagram, Stephanie claims to have made almost $50,000 selling jars of her farts.

Priced at something like $1,000 a pop (WTF, right?!), these jars earnt the influencer $45,000 in a single week.


In a behind-the-scenes video, Stephanie shares a day in the life of a girl who sells her farts in a jar, detailing what she likes to eat to kickstart the thunder downunder.

"I like to get things rolling with some beans, a protein muffin, sometimes even a yoghurt, some hard-boiled eggs."

"While I wait for those farts to develop, I like to read," she continues.

The former reality star than explains that she likes to place a rose petal in the jar before breaking wind as it helps "attach the scent."

She then writes a handwritten letter for the recipient, and sends it on it's way!


Naturally, we have MANY questions but firstly, practically speaking, how long do these stinkers last in the jar?

According to Stephanie, "the smell is most prominent for the first two days, but as I like to say, one whiff makes memories that last a lifetime."

Secondly - and perhaps most importantly - why on earth would someone purchase a fart in a jar from a D-Grade celebrity?

Stephanie speculates she has her charisma and looks to thank.

"I honestly think it's because I have a really good personality and also because I'm hot."


Image: stepankamatto / Instagram