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Woman discovers entire apartment behind her bathroom mirror


This chick climbed through a hole hidden behind her bathroom mirror and what she found is beyond creepy.

American TikToker Samantha Hartsoe - loved for her quirky adventures and self-deprecating content - shared the chilling experiencewith her 863K followers.

"I'm in my New York City apartment, and it's cold. So I walk into my bathroom, right here I feel cold air blowing on me. There's not a vent or anything."

She then feels the bathroom door frame and discovers there's cold air blowing through the door handle hole in the frame.

So what does she do? She tapes it up saying, "I don't know why there's cold air coming through here but we're not having it."

But even after taping up the hole, cold air continues to create a draft through her bathroom.

"I stand here, and look, look at that! You can see my hair blowing in the cold wind."

"The air is coming from the mirror, and I realize the mirror moves."

Turns out the mirror comes off the wall, and behind it is a giant hole in the plaster which seemingly leads to an entire abandoned room.

"Let me show you what I found. There's a room back there," she says.

Her roommate speculates, "Yo, what if someone's living in there right now?".

Despite it looking dark, cold and creepy AF, Samantha dons a facemask, flashlight and hammer (for protection, obviously) and climbs through the hole in the wall.

What she discovers on the other side is mindboggling.

There's a WHOLE OTHER APARTMENT back there!

Not just one little random room, but a whole 3 or so bedroom apartment.

Samantha boldly explores the hidden residence, claiming that it's "freezing" and there seems to "signs of life".

She then wraps up the video by arriving safely back in her own home.

While there was little explanation behind the mysterious flat, the TikTok sensation certainly poked fun at the absurdity.


the soundtrack of our apartment for the last week 🪞🎶 ##mystery ##candyman ##mirror ##nycapartment ##hole ##nyc

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

She then provided an update for her followers a few months later, with a plot twist no one expected.



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Image: samanthahartsoe / TikTok