SELF – an exhibition by Harry Holcombe-James

SELF, an exhibition by Harry Holcombe-James at The Henry Jones Art Hotel, comprises documentation gathered throughout an invite-only viewing of SELF in 2023.
SELF is a time-based experience that provides a technologically mediated meditation of and with the viewer’s reflection, comprised of a priming film and an individualised experience. SELF provides the viewer with an intimate space augmented by technological intervention of emotive sounds and perspective altering lighting with which the viewer can focus on seeing themselves and engaging in a heightened awareness and understanding of themselves. Through light, sound, and reflection SELF simultaneously dissolves the viewer’s sense of their individuality, whilst facilitating deepened senses of identification, recognition and knowing.
This exhibition extends SELF and its underlying meditation to new media. Please join us on Friday 31st May at 5.30pm to celebrate the opening of this series of work with drinks provided.
31.05.24 – 04.06.24
SELF was first presented at Mona Foma 2021. This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania. SELF was created in collaboration with Jack McLaine (sound), Jackson Wells (design and construction), Joe Robinson (technical implementation), and priming film collaboration, Ursula Woods (cinematography), Lyndon Riggall (scripting), and Sabio (costume). Thank you Full Gamut Printing and Framing.


May 31 2024 - Jul 04 2024


5:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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