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RECALL - Cooper Timber Cot

cot recall

Product being recalled: Cooper Timber Cot

Reasons for recall: 
1. The attached safety label recommends use of a mattress between 10-15cm in thickness, however the required minimum distance between the mattress and top guard rail is not met when the base is used in the upper position with a mattress thicker than 10cm. There must be a minimum distance of 30cm between the top of the mattress (when in the upper position) and top of the guard rail.

2. Some edges on the top guard rail were found to have a radius of less than 2mm,
i.e. Edges were not sufficiently rounded or smoothed.
No issues have been identified with vertical railings.

What are the hazards? 
1. If the base is used in the upper position with a mattress greater than 10cm in thickness, a child could fall out of the cot, causing injury.

2. A child could bump against the top guard rail, resulting in an injury.

Where was the product sold? Adairs 

What can I do? 

1. Modification of your cot to address the defects identified, including replacement of the mattress (if your mattress is thicker than 10cm) and safety label, and provision of a clear teething cot rail guard to ensure edges are sufficiently rounded
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2. Return your cot for a full refund (with or without receipt)
Find out more about this option

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Hazard 2

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