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Wood processing mill at Bell Bay a step closer


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A multimillion dollar timber processing operation is a step closer for the George Town municipality after it got the EPA's tick of approval.

West-Australian registered Patriarch and Sons submitted plans for a $54 million dollar veneer, plywood and woodchip operation to the Environment Protection Authority last year.

EPA Director Wes Ford has now announced it could be environmentally sustainable.

“Various environmental issues were considered in the assessment, particularly air and noise emissions.”

“Air emissions will be addressed through emission limits on particulates and oxides of nitrogen, and stack testing, and noise will also be managed through emission limits,” Mr Ford said.

George Town Council will have the final say. If it gets the go-ahead, stage 1 could be up and running within months.

Patriarch and Sons has copped flack from the Greens for its directors' links to Malaysian logger and palm oil producer Shin Yang.

Greens Leader Cassy O'Connor has misgivings about its track record.

"The company's parent company is logging rain forests and abusing human rights in Borneo and we are also very concerned about the fact that this company will be sourcing some of its timber from our public native forests."

"We need to understand will there be public native forests used in this mill? Will there be high conservation forests felled for this mill and will taxpayers again be propping up a mendicant company in Tasmania?" Ms O'Connor said.