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Bell Bay jobs alarm

The George Town area has some unsettling months ahead while the owner of the Temco smelter at Bell Bay evaluates its future.

Its manganese alloy is in high demand for steel making in India and China, but those countries are producing more of their own and Malaysia is also a low cost producer with closer proximity.

A closure by owner South32 would hit 300 employees with obvious implications for George Town.

The major political parties have been alerted on the final leg of the federal election campaign, however George Town Council General Manager Shane Power is yet to hear if there will be political sweeteners offered to the company.

"If there's any intervention they can make by speaking with Temco and I undertsand conversations are happening in that space, we've also advocated to the both the state government and the opposition to do the same."

 The company is undertaking a six month review and intends to issue an update in October.