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VIDEO: 747 Jumbo at Hobart Airport

QANTAS 747 Hobart runway

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about a plane landing at Hobart Airport, then you probably won’t understand the passion behind the people who love this.

Some people love their cars, their footy, their food, their music. Passionately. And it’s with equal passion that Hobart’s Airline Enthusiasts witnessed the first landing of a 747 Jumbo Jet, since the runway extensions at Hobart Airport.

But it wasn’t just that. This was a chartered jet that was returning from a visit over Antarctica, where first class tickets went for a cool $8000.

The fully-loaded plane would have been too heavy for Hobart to take off – even with the new upgrades to the runway. So it had to take off from Melbourne, fly over The Antarctic, at which point it could land at Hobart after burning through most of its fuel, making the plane light enough to land and take off again.

And it looks as though this may have been the final chance to see a 747 at Hobart Airport anytime soon at least.


Thanks to David Keith Blake and Rae Earl-Johnson for the videos and photos.