Bushfire Emergency Warning Friendly Beaches

September 19, 2023 3:59 pm in by

This is a Bushfire Emergency Warning message for Coles Bay Road, Friendly Beaches – Leave immediately .

There is an uncontrolled bushfire at Coles Bay Road, Friendly Beaches.

Coles Bay Road, Friendly Beaches is expected to be impacted by now.

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The fire is travelling in an easterly direction towards Friendly Beaches from Coles Bay Road.

The fire danger rating is severe. Fires under these conditions are expected to be uncontrollable and fast moving.

Burning embers may threaten your home before the main fire arrives.

Smoke and ash may make it difficult to see and breathe.

Tasmania Fire Service and Parks & Wildlife Service is attending. Conditions are expected to worsen.

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What to do:

If you are at Coles Bay Road, Friendly Beaches, you should go to a safer location now.

If you are going to leave, make sure there is a clear road to a safer place.

If you don’t have a safe route to a safer place, shelter inside the nearest building, regularly checking your surroundings and putting out any fires near the building until the fire passes.

There is a nearby safer place at Coles Bay Area – Coles Bay Boat Ramp.

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Your home can only protect your life if it is actively defended, and it has been prepared for severe conditions.

Do not travel to the area, as the roads are expected to be highly dangerous.

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