Driveway tragedy findings out

July 11, 2022 9:18 pm in by


The coroner has released findings after investigating a tragic accident which claimed an elderly woman’s life last September. 

Ulverstone pensioner Truus De Vries drove her hatchback into her driveway and got out to check her mail.

The coroner’s found the car then reversed unexpectedly as she got back in, throwing the 84-year-old onto the curb where her head hit the concrete.

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She was rushed to the North West Regional Hospital but couldn’t be revived.

“I cannot determine why the unfortunate accident occurred except to find that it was due to driver error,” said Coroner Olivia McTaggart.

“The car was found in reverse gear with the handbrake activated. Mrs De Vries may have well have placed the gear unintentionally in reverse as she re-entered her car, whereupon it moved away unexpectedly in a semicircle due to the left steering lock from her previous turn into the driveway.”

Coroner McTaggart has made no findings or recommendations, conveying her condolences to the family.