Fuel reduction burn

September 2, 2023 10:09 am in by Newsroom
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As part of the statewide Fuel Reduction Program, Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) is planning an important fuel reduction burn on private land at Proctors Road, between Hobart and Kingston this weekend.

Acting Director of Community Fire Safety, Chris Collins said the fuel reduction burn is planned for Sunday and Monday, and is designed to reduce the bushfire risk to communities in Mount Nelson, Taroona and The Lea as well as critical telecommunications infrastructure. 

“Staff from the Bushfire Risk Unit and local volunteers will be conducting this burn which is part of a broader bushfire mitigation strategy between Mount Nelson and Kingston and complements other fuel reduction activities being undertaken in the area,” he said.

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“TFS, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and Sustainable Timber Tasmania work together throughout the year to reduce bushfire risk across the state, and we will make the most of favourable conditions during spring to help make summer safer.”

“We know that planned fuel reduction burning reduces the impact of bushfires, either by preventing ignitions or making conditions safer for effective firefighting.”

“In February 2022, previous fuel reduction burns undertaken by Tasmania Fire Service were integral in helping our firefighters to quickly suppress a bushfire near Oberon Court, Mount Nelson.”

“We acknowledge there will be smoke visible in the area as we conduct the fuel reduction activities this weekend, but we actively plan and monitor conditions to ensure this is minimised as much as possible.”

“Of course, the smoke from a fuel reduction burn is much less than that of an out-of-control bushfire – the very thing we are trying to prevent.”

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