Further division in Lambie network over stadium

February 23, 2024 11:04 am in by

A second Jacquie Lambie Network state election candidate has taken a position at opposition to the party’s leader over the AFL stadium at Macquarie Point.

Liberal Member for Franklin Dean Young says Lambie candidate Troy Pfitzner has revealed he’s “open to backing the project”.

Mr Young says it’s further evidence how unstable a “Coalition of Chaos” would be for Tasmania.

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It follows Lambie Lyons candidate Andrew Jenner telling voters he wasn’t opposed to the stadium.

“The Lambies are all over the shop on the stadium,” Mr Young said.

“And so is Independent John Tucker who is now refusing to say if he will support the stadium even if it passes the Project of State Significance process that he has insisted on!

“What’s clear is that Tasmania can’t afford a Coalition of Chaos.”