Labor questions AFL stadium deal

May 10, 2023 2:19 am in by

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The row over Hobart’s new AFL stadium has seen tempers flare in State Parliament, amidst Labor claims that Tasmania could end up footing the entire bill.

Leader Rebecca White has raised the example of Andrew Wilkie’s Royal Hobart Hospital funding arrangement with Canberra, due to a GST loophole Tasmania ended up paying for nearly all of it.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has promised $240m in federal money for the redevelopment of the stadium precinct.

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Jeremy Rockliff’s told Parliament he’s confident the Albanese Government will come through on its pledges for Hobart and Launceston.

Mr Rockliff said a request had been made but it could only be granted by the Federal Treasurer.

“We expect of course to be treated very family when it comes to these matters and GST allocations. That’s a matter for the Department of Treasury,” he said.

Mr Rockliff made several speeches praising the deal in response to questions from Labor and the Greens.