Mac Point alternative

April 21, 2023 12:47 am in by

A different concept for Hobart’s Macquarie Point has been released.

Instead of a much disputed stadium as part of a Tasmanian AFL team, former Governor Kate Warner gathered with advocates at the site to unveil an alternative.

It contains a $300 million 1000 home development, a Truth and Reconciliation Park and an Indigenous Cultural Centre.

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Also featuring would be a light rail hub, a Hobart Rivulet swimming pool, a new State Library and a new possible base for the Antarctic Division.

Author Richard Flanagan spoke at the launch.

“Tasmania doesn’t have a stadium problem, Tasmania has a housing problem and this would be the beginning of a solution, it’s about 1000 homes housing 2000 to 3000 Tasmanians imbedded in a park honouring 40,000 years of indigenous history.”

Both Labor and the Greens, who oppose a stadium, are applauding this new plan.