Neill-Fraser parole reasons published

December 16, 2022 3:57 pm in by


The Parole Board decision to free Hobart murderer Susan Neill-Fraser is now public.

The grandmother maintained her innocence after being gaoled in 2010 over the disappearance of her partner Bob Chappell, whose remains were never found.

In newly-published reasons the Board says the 68-year-old “engaged positively” with fellow inmates and was productive in the prison gardens, but also breached prison regulations by possessing unauthorised food and makeup, also speaking to a blogger about prison life while she was behind bars.

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Among conditions imposed, Neill-Fraser has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. 

“The Board have had the benefit of the insights of Robert Chappell’s son in the context of the parole application who whilst reflecting that he “still miss him in many ways” and “..often saddened that my own children were too young to remember him”, also recognises that the applicant does not pose any risk of significance to the community,” said the Board’s reasons. 

“The crime for which the applicant has been convicted and in respect of which she is currently serving a sentence of imprisonment is grave. The taking of the life of another is repugnant to the standards by which we as a modern society live our lives.”