New funding for seaweed project

July 8, 2022 9:50 pm in by

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The State Government is sinking $540,000 into a new project that works to reduce livestock emissions.

The funds will support a Sea Forest project, the company developing the culture, harvest and commercialisation of Asparagopsis, an Australian native seaweed that has the ability to reduce methane emissions in cattle by up to 98%.

Experts will be developing a commercial formulation for a seaweed-based feed supplement that can be fed to cattle and sheep to reduce their methane emissions and deliver productivity gains.

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Industry is co-investing over $670,000 in the project, which will involve on-farm trials of different Asparagopsis pellet formulations.

Primary Industries and Water Minister Jo Palmer says it’s the fourth project being funded under the Tasmanian Government’s $3 million Agricultural Development Fund.

“Finding practical, cost-effective ways to reduce methane emissions from cattle and sheep, and enhance livestock productivity, will be one of the keys to achieving net zero emissions target, and our 2050 vision for agriculture,” Ms Palmer said.

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