Police Dogs retirement day

April 28, 2023 7:55 pm in by


Police Dogs Aggie, Una and Bernie are hanging up their leashes.

The dedicated dogs have a combined 22 years of service – that’s 150 in dog years! – and between them they’ve conducted more than 2800 drug searches and detected over $45 millon worth of drugs.

“The expert skills of Police Dogs Aggie, Una and Bernie have made a significant contribution to drug detection in Tasmania – screening mail, baggage, people, vehicles, buildings, and freight for the scent of illicit drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines,” said Assistant Commissioner Rob Blackwood.

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“Aggie, Una and Bernie have done our service proud, and on behalf of Tasmania Police, I hope they all enjoy many relaxing days in their forever homes.”

In retirement, Una will stay with her current handler; Bernie will remain with his current handler with plans to transition to a welfare dog role for Tasmania Police; and Aggie has been adopted by a currently serving police officer and their family.

Image: Facebook