Premier’s health system priority

July 31, 2022 10:49 pm in by

Tasmania’s Premier’s bowing out of a trip to New Zealand, instead remaining at home to keep working on the state’s health system dramas.

New data finding ongoing struggles with the elective surgery waiting list and emergency department responses falling well short of minimum standards.

Liberal Minister Jo Palmer’s to go to New Zealand to cover for the Premier for the international trade mission, with his Deputy Michael Ferguson backing the decision.

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“I’ve got complete confidence in her (Jo) to do a great job and working with Tasmanian business representatives who are travelling with her.”

Labor’s Ella Haddad finds the government’s claims it’s working hard to do better is ringing hollow.

“The truth is this government’s had nearly a decade to deal with the health crisis that they have created, it’s all very well for the Premier now to be saying that he’s going to tackle the health crisis, what’s been going on for the last decade.”