St Marys Pass reopens

December 19, 2022 4:26 pm in by


An important link for East Coast communities reopened on Sunday night after a landslip cut it off in the October floods. 

A seven-day-a-week effort from workers has seen St Marys Pass fixed up in time for Christmas.

A new gabion wall and retaining wall have gone in along with drainage repairs and improvements.

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“The gabion retaining wall comprises about 210 baskets, is about 7 metres tall and 40 metres wide, and filled with 3,000 tonnes of rock. About 400 tonnes of base material was used and just over 75 cubic metres of concrete was used to build and support the gabion wall,” said Transport Minister Michael Ferguson. 

“Further concrete block walls have been built to support four other downhill slips with just over 100 concrete blocks used.”


Image: RoadsTas