Time of need

June 10, 2023 4:33 am in by

Another cold night in Hobart and Launceston beckons for Tasmania’s growing list of homeless and the many grappling with affording heating and the basics.

CEO of Saint Vincent De Paul in Tasmania, Les Baxter, is gearing up for a long weekend of those struggling and reaching out for help.

“We see people who have been professionals and the whole range of things, particularly seeing women over the age of 55 and even young people under 18 who are couch surfing or after they don’t do that any more they just end up out in the open.”

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Les is seeking whatever help the community can muster.

“We can always use food, also having funds, so having donations is important because that gives us a lot more flexibility, we are always after volunteers and people can volunteer in a whole range of things, blankets and clothing.”