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Calls to boost cop numbers

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Tasmania's Police Association is calling for an additional 70 officers around the state, along with 18 additional support staff, as part of its newly-released list of election priorities.

It's concerned the force's criminal investigation capability is going backwards as resources stagnate or deteriorate.

The Police Association wants the staffing boost to include 16 detectives around the state, with five based in the south, seven in the north and four across Burnie and Devonport.

Colin Riley from the Police Association of Tasmania says they're dealing with more complex matters than ever before.

“These election commitments will ensure the enhanced protection of Tasmanians and aid to reduce the numbers of our people damaged and the impacts on their families,” he said.

As of February 2021, there were 107 of 1,364 officers on open workers compensation claims, equating to 7.8% of the workforce.

“This is why we need 70 more officers on the ground – for the protection of Tasmanians, their families and their communities,” Mr Riley said.

Of the 70 additional police wanted, 33 would be based in the North, to deal with the historically higher levels of crime in Launceston.

"We're looking at Serious and Organised Crime Investigators, Surveillance Team, electronic crime, fraud," Mr Riley said.

"They're the sort of things we need to bolster to look after the North and North-West of the state."

The Association is also calling for upgrades to the St Helens and Bridgewater police stations.