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QR codes for taxis and Ubers after Launceston scare

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Tasmania is yet to detect any COVID cases after an infected man's brief stay in a Launceston quarantine hotel last week.

A total of more than 6000 tests have come back negative in the five days after the man's positive test and the situation is now considered low risk.

Close contacts include a taxi driver who took the infected man to Launceston Airport last week and then had another 17 passengers in his vehicle.

It's prompted the Premier has announced a tightening up on taxis and ride-sharing apps.

"From 6pm on Friday this week (the 13th), all Ubers and taxis will be required to have a QR code check-in system in place and we'll work with uber and taxi companies over the course of the week," Peter Gutwein said on Monday.

Health Department Secretary Kathrine Morgan-Wicks says keeping testing numbers high around the state remains one of our best defences.

"Our testing clinic at Wellington Street in Launceston is open until 9pm tonight, while our Macquarie Point in Hobart and our Burnie and Devonport clinics are also open," she said.

"We've already had around 350 bookings for these sites today."   

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