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Clarko joins team Tassie

Tasmania's attempt at winning its own team in the AFL competition has Alistair Clarkson joining the crusade.

Having a break from coaching that stretched from 2005 to this year at Hawthorn, the 53 year old has some time on his hands to devote to the Tassie cause.

He's told SEN, he'd definitely consider coaching the new team, if the time is right.

"We have got to reinvigorate footy down in Tasmania and it is going to take a period of time to do that, we have got to get footy back into the schools, we have got to get the pathway programmes right, we want in five or six years time if that was the time that Tasmania came into the competition, we want to make sure that the bulk of the players that are going to play for the Tassie side are heartland Tassie people."

He believes gaining the required agreement from the AFL's 18 club president is achievable, with the right terms.

"Where they become perhaps a little self centred is that they don't want it to be at the expense of their own club, to bring Tasmania into the competition there's going to be compromised drafts and each club has to give Tasmania a player or something like that which was what they had to do with the Brisbane Bears many years ago then they don't want it to implicate their club too much, but I think philosophically they like the concept of Tasmania being in the national competition."

In June, Gold Coast President Tony Cochrane shot down Tasmania's case as unaffordable for the league and doomed to be voted against.