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Dark Mofo wraps up


Momentum continues to build for the Dark Mofo winter festival after its biggest box office take yet, rising by nearly $1 million to over $4 million for 2019.

A 47 per cent rise in international ticket sales saw more than 100,000 sold overall.

2000 staff worked to keep events running ahead of the traditional climax of sculpture burning at Macquarie Point on Sunday night.

Premier Will Hodgman says their $10.5 million sponsorship arrangement over 5 years is money well spent.

"We can do events of this scale as well as anyone," said Mr Hodgman. 

"We've got some of the world's greatest creative minds and organisers of an event of this scale, and it's something that's embraced, I think, by all those who visit it but by Tasmanians as well." 

The festival's widespread use of crosses encouraged local churches to put on art exhibitions of their own.

Helen Devenish from Love Story says hundreds were impacted.

"It gives a big shift in their thinking, because they've been looking at all this other dark stuff, so coming in here where it's light, seeing the stories with the kids, what's being going on in the streets, a lot of people are definitely moved, moved to tears," she said. 


Top: the burning at Macquarie Point (Shane Kmet) 

Bottom: one of the Love Story exhibits featuring youth in the CBD (Alex Jackson)