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Expected business bounce

Tax return money flowing through Tasmania's economy is just a matter of days away, as Australians hustle in their droves to get their hands on their cash from the ATO.

810,000 returns have already been filed nationally, up from 450,000 at the same time last year.

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Michael Bailey expects confidence and activity to have a mid-winter bounce.

"Hobart's going really well, but when you talk to regional areas of Tassie things are a bit tighter, the tax cuts are about to come through, that will help, I also think that the settling of the state government will be good for business, too."

He believes local traders have a lot of reasons to remain positive.

"I'm here (interstate) at the moment at the Australian Chamber of Commerce meeting and it's really interesting talking to the other states who are still so envious of how we've got it so good in Tasmania, they're trying to work out what we've done, so we're still the envy of the nation."

ATO payments, beefed up by $1080 for low and middle income earners, are due to hit bank accounts from Friday.