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Code of conduct complaint

A panel assembled by Tasmania's Local Government Director will assess a code of conduct complaint lodged against a Hobart City Councillor.

Essentially, Women Speak Tasmania claim they have been personally attacked for their more traditional views by Councillor Holly Ewin who is championing transgender inclusivity measures in the city.

Spokesperson Bronwyn Williams argues alleged name calling of the group in a council meeting and on social media has crossed the line.

"We do expect a certain standard of behaviour from our elected representatives and Councillor Ewin is an elected member of the Hobart City Council and because of that she is bound by their code of conduct which clearly requires she treat all members of the public and other councillors with respect."

The Councillor's not allowing the complaint to preoccupy her.

"I'm trying not to let it, it's a bureaucratic process that's going to play out over the next however long, I'm not honestly thinking about it too much because I stand by everything I've said in relation to that group and also in relation to trans rights."