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More ideas sharing on housing

More submissions designed to help a parliamentary select committee form a plan to tackle Tasmania's housing affordability are being heard today.

The state's influx of sea-changers and properties converting to cater to short term stays for the tourism bonanza have driven up rents and prices, in turn pushing the public housing waiting list to around 3300.

Mission Australia's Amy Hayashi told the committee about a system working interstate.

"Developers now have a huge appetite to bid on a number of projects in New South Wales around the Communities Plus model, this is where social housing estates are redeveloped by developers, two thirds of it is created for market rate units, then one third is social housing."

Amy also touched on the balancing act needed in Tasmania's housing dilemma.

"Short term solutions are critical, we need a response today to address the issues that people are having tonight, they are more challenging because they are short term in nature and because they are immediate they are going to be more expensive, we need to acknowledge and commit budget to manage this problem in the short term while we boost and create supply of housing in the long term."