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Possible changes to Hobart car parking

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A Hobart aldermen is urging council to think outside the box as it grapples with traffic congestion.

The Hobart City Council's Finance and Governance Committee heard last night the capital's major carparks are sitting on around 80 per cent capacity during peak times, and will run out of room in around three years.

Possible solutions include removing early bird parking, while free stays under 90 minutes could also be on the chopping blocks.

Alderman Marti Zucco is backing the option of a park and ride scheme which would see shuttle buses carry visitors from larger car parks out of town.

“The previous reports will play a role in moving forward if we want commuters to leave their cars outside of the city centre, then we need to provide them with somewhere safe and convenient to park,” he said.

“If properly planned and implemented, a park-and-ride service could be an excellent solution for commuters and take hundreds of cars out of the city centre.”

Once the review is completed, a report will be presented to the Council.