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Tow trucks to ease traffic

Traffic Pixabay

Hobart is just days away from a new, no nonsense, anti-traffic jam regime. 

Offenders are warned that parking in the clearway zones on key bottleneck source Macquarie Street from Monday will come with new hefty fines. The state government has shown off a tow truck that will be hauling anything out of the clearway there at the wrong time. Owners of a towed vehicle can expect a fine of $380.

Transport minister Michael Ferguson is vowing for zero tolerance, in order to ease traffic congestion in the city.

"If people are caught in those clearways, they will be towed," Mr Ferguson promised.

Another tow truck is to clear trouble on the Brooker, Domain, Tasman and East Derwent highways. It is all part of the government's promise to keep Hobart's roads moving steadily, particuarly in peak periods, where drivers have seen heavy delays. The tow truck will quickly remove any broken down vehicles in these already busy areas.