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Divided visions for Domain House

What happens at Hobart's Domain House and its extensive gardens still has two very different visions hanging over it.

UTAS is looking to construct new buildings and car-parking on the site as part of its full relocation to the CBD. 

Roland Browne from the Glebe Residents Association, which commissioned its own masterplan, is adamant the location can't handle it.

"The Glebe already has very significant parking problems and it also has traffic problems, if the university was to bring a large number of vehicles onto that site it's just going to make all of that worse."

The Association is advocating further refurbishment of the striking existing building and infrastructure.

Meantime, It might be a matter of personal taste, but Roland is also on board the school of thought that the new Brooker Avenue pedestrian and bicycle bridge in central Hobart will not win any beauty prizes any time soon.

As some locals reflect on the concrete and steel installation, questions fly about its industrial design considering the nearby Domain campus and University Rose Garden.

Roland is concerned it heralds more missteps in the university's move to the CBD.

"The new bridge is simply like a freeway joining the Menzies Centre across the other university buildings and regrettably it is ugly and that seems to be the consensus of a lot people."