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Lambie lashes gov on integrity


Key senate powerbroker Jacqui Lambie says she's putting talks with the Morrison Government about its union-busting bill on ice, until it releases a secret report into the damaging sports rorts saga.

Scott Morrison had his head of department write a report which flatly contradicted embarassing auditor-general findings that sports grants had been directed to recipients based on politics rather than merit.

Projects in the marginal Tasmanian seats of Bass, Braddon and Lyons were among beneficiaries allegedly targeted for political gain rather than merit. 

Speaking on Sky, the Tasmanian Senator says the Morrison Government needs to clean up its own act.

"If you can't discipline your own and you can't show integrity, then maybe it's about time we put these talks on hold with Ensuring Integrity, until we see some discipline going on here and until we see that report," said Senator Lambie. 

"I've been getting some real blowback on this over social media and phone calls to my office...why would I be voting for an Ensuring Integrity bill?"